Days are tumbling away like socks in the washing-machine
- some dirty, some seemingly clean

And the Source does not care whether you have your tea with milk or sugar
whether you eat rabbits or anything that has eyes in place of a guilty conscience
Because God does not give a shit whether I do my homework with ink or pencil
whether the US is at war with Iran or Iran at war with The United States
And Nature is not affected by petty concerns of fashion-foods and halls of fame

the source does not hold commitees
god does not discuss the truth
nature is never in opposition

The trinity is a phantasy of christianity
in truth there has never been anyone else
anyone besides the One

Meditation makes minds
narrow down

and you can paint your car in thousand colors or leave it the way it came factory-made
you can bend your knees and kiss the ass of some self-appointed divinity reeking of garlic
you can chant mantras and hymns till your throat is sore and ears are deaf
you can learn prayers by heart and study the art of arranging flowers for Judgment Day
you can pour gallons of liquid defined as "holy water" by the blind public over your head
you can watch TV fitness programs and listen to self-help audiobooks
you can make career
you can die from cancer

nothing will change the truth

But the truth is not within me
for everything within me is
nothing but eyes for myself

I'm blind like a fish in a cave
living off rumours reflected
in my native environment

And I am inspired only
by the impulse from without
a friend's adventures
on the path back home
a yearning expressed
by the beginning of time
implemented in the present
and heading straight for the Sky

In truth I am nothing
more than I see, speak, smell
touch and taste
and the time i waste
is the friend I lack