amazing painting:
joomla rocks, but these millions of tiny files are just like ants
RT @mantramanics: The Great Way has no gate.Clear water has no taste.The tongue has no bone.In complete stillness, a stone girl is dancing.
File Transfer Procrastination #swamp
working on a relaunch of
you know El Nuevo Grupo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez yet`?
Ambient Chelmsford ♫
boat cuts into cloud of shimmering light #surface #tension
giant leaves footprint on water #alienlifeforms
Tea is liquid wisdom. ~Anonymous #themoment
cat walks solemnly in the sun / a cricket's bursting love / all at its place
what do think of this version?
is grooving on the new Mars Volta Single Cotopaxi ♫
Only the Birds Fly First Class:
live ambient session @
live ambient session @
live ambient session @
millions to come / millons to grow / this light year / a windmill stuck / the waters
RT @tironovo: fading light / over this town wanders / a shade of clouds #haiku
André Klein is No 2 on the ReverbNation Alternative charts for Berlin, DE.éklein
browse through the archive of the first live ambient radio/tv-sessions with teelanovela @
feierabend radio *live* @ #ambientlifestyle
look at life in the eyes
is broadcasting AMBIENT, CHILLOUT, GOOD VIBRATIONS live @ ♫♫♫
is broadcasting llive @
RT @fjfonseca: RT @zaibatsu: Reading: Twitter, We Are The Whale PLZ RT
clouds hang above. feet bloom from concrete floor. #twaiku yes
Diane Musho Hamilton - "The Integral Feminine"
Need To Take a Time Out? Why not delve into some graphical adventure style literature: #poetry #prose
The Infinite Chain of Arising from a Teacup: #movingimages
Evolution Tea Rex Pt II: #apocalypse
Evolution Tea Rex: #apocalypse
anyone needs a webpage? now offering services@
Wish to intensify the second by loving
here it is
A Thousand Kisses Deep
about non attachment with love
interview with d.hamilton, read and enjoy ♥
interview with d.hamilton, read and enjoy
Rabotnik Park Ambient Video now with Annotation Theatre 2000+:
take a sec to relax under gradient horizons: #chillout
drinkin' tea with my tweeps
Understanding Non-attachment with Musho Sensei
berlin deep house:
can you regard yourself as a pencil writing a love letter to the world ? what would you write ?
Ambient Video: Rabotnik Park #ambientvideo
out to catch some sun ☼ #freizeitglauben
ambient video: "the windmill" via @tironovo #ambient
"I was slouched on my kitchen chair, stairing at the door, listening to my prisoner snore." ► e-story
offering free ♫ Album: The Long Way Down the Tip:
great concert ♥ ♫
Spontaneous Celebration on Japanese Traffic Islands. #tea
just installed google friend connect on the ambient a/v interface. testdrivers welcome :D
"Be honest, Look for areas where you can admit error and say so." D. Carnegie ☼
♫ listening to dunshine dub
♫ fooling around with the soundcloudZzz
░▒▓▒░ The Feed Matrix ░▒▓▒░
just listening to ♫
do you know manuel ?
back from open-air techno @ #görli "itz like an neverendin' dreem"
Remember what Emerson said: "Every man I meet is my superior insome way. In that, I learn of him." ☼
♫ Eluvium - Prelude for Time Feelers #ambient
▓▒░ ♫ "cities play upon our souls like broken drums
redrum the essence of creation from city slums" ░▒▓
free download: Headphone Music: #drumandbass
♫ "I can't promise you anything but I trust there is far greater reason to live" S. Williams
♫ Celctic Spring Fever: #easter
Immaculate Motion Pictures ► e-poetry:
♫ Yagya - Rhythm of Snow #ambient
Remember what Lincoln said: "A drop of honey catches more fliesthan a gallon of gall." ☼
Free Chillout/Ambient-Album ♫ : "More Music, Less Words" by Xerxes
"A Twitter Zeitgeist Social Experiment" #twistori
progressive rock from Frankfurt City
re-opening of the download-arena@
via @teammummy "I sure wouldn't want to be praying to To the wrong piece of wood"
Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. ~T'ien Yiheng
Tea is a cup of life. ~Author Unknown
Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world. ~T'ien Yiheng
progressive rock from Frankfurt City
watch all teelanovela ambient television episodes streaming on
put your Own Spin on Physical Phorce -! #commute
Erogenous Zones of Life, Light, and Emptiness ~
oh yeah, and DON'T MENTION T H E W A R ! ! !
don't we all just love buying new clothes :)))
what's the difference between yoga, art and let's say psychology? are they the same? A
Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. ~Henry Fielding, "Love in Several Masques"
got tea? make a short videoclip and joint the TEAm :)
catching some sunrays to be hitherto enveloped in digital dynamics process-O-Trons #görli
Life Beyond the Point
sit by the beach and enjoy the sun
is grooving on the twistori #love #hate #think #believe #feel #wish
the archive opens:
A daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary. ~Chinese Proverb
browse poetry in point-click adventure environment:
#howto slices of bread may catch fire if toasted repeatedly
Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things. ~Saki
Dj Flash spinnin' some dub this evening #live #show.
#emo "My hands are reaching out for magical refuge"
A daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary. ~Chinese Proverb
a warm welcome to all viewers. #live #ambient
the new apollo is running on heavy rotation here, or should I say: repeat? :D
Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things. ~Saki
Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. ~Henry Fielding, "Love in Several Masques"
#emo "My hands are reaching out for magical refuge"
Take A Time Out! Relájamos. Atsipalaiduoti. קח את זה בקלו. Успокойся! ... turn on, drop in, take a time out!
Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things. ~Saki
Everybody pack your suitcase. we're leaving apollo:
Take A Time Out! Relájamos. Atsipalaiduoti. קח את זה בקלו. Успокойся! ... turn on, drop in, take a time out!
Amazing 62 minute long (!) ambient song by Vladislav Delay.
Reclaim your ColorZ: Ambient Video: Recolorize ~
freshly served: "Fun On Tuesday - Taking Leave Of Apollo"
bird eats ant. man shoots bird. mountain swallows man. Take a ride on the Foodchain.
There's always someone singing you to shipwreck....
Siftables, the toy blocks that think: cookie-sized, computerized - stack and shuffle in your hands.
viewer says: "my date worked because of this video!" well...why oh why?
"I cannot run from the sorrows I swallow, this light makes a life fill a sum in my time."
Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace -
Run around in the mainframe and take it higher, you just live one time. So don't Get Tired!
freshly served: "Fun On Tuesday - Taking Leave Of Apollo"
Ambient Video: Breathing Pavement:
Doubts before Bed, anyone?
The Web and TV, a sibling rivalry:
Ambient Video: Immovable Lake:
time to take a time out...
André Klein - Inside (The Album):
Do schools kill creativity?
Ambient Video: Purple Swirl:
Movie Review: Man in the Chair:
Ambient Video: Standing on A Ledge:
Rob Forbes: Ways of seeing - Charming juxtapositions, found art, urban patterns:
Ambient Video: High Stakes:
So long and thanx for all the Fish - A Warm Thank you Note from teelanovela:
German Rap is Back...
progressive rock from Frankfurt City
"Tech evolution will eclipse the financial crisis: Even as mega-banks topple, the big reboot is yet to come"
Ambient Video: Tea of the Hill:
Ambient Video: Shore on a Stormy Day:
Ambient Video: It's a Fish's Life in the Army:
Ambient Video: Happy Peaks:
sometimes there are moments in life when you just wonder. sip a tea. take a time out.
totally inspired by the ambient mixes of "The Cloud Factory Collective". makes our mind go "panda-overload": ^^^^
Ambient Videos: Chinese Refill: Appropriately to the rejuvenating effect of the sudden onset of spring here in B..
"what is the monkey thinking while taking that hot bath? "
"let the leeching begin":
sight is spiritual, join the ride with a blind Turkish painter
"If you face an adversary and a jug of wine
Choose the wine because, fate cheats and extorts." Hafiz
Chinese Refill: Ten New Ambient Videos to Relax and Voyage Along:
out through the door and into the park on a ray of sunlight#
Kids Play as Viewed From Above Reveals Relation's Gravity Fields:
one beat for every person, one meat for everyman: #global
Something is sitting next to you. Witness the Soundtrack to Silence.
going out to fry in the sun like children play #china
"There's probably no god. Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy your Life" ;P
"ich kenne gott nich er ist aber glaub ich männlich und gross und gutaussehend er hat einen dicken bart " fishing for fishes in the fictitious freshness of fish
park soup go-licious in blowing wind fields where rabbit-eyed bushes streaked lonely clouds commanding cluttered hooves. not just yet. blues
What if The Beatles had used Creative Commons Licenses?
working on new soundscapes
creation is
the censor said

and commited
a crime foretold
working on new songs...
mental mystics"everything full of colours"
said the guitarist to the vocalist "there's a time for taking a swim, mate. and during a gig is NOT IT:"
In days of love
in dreams of stars
revolving in
the looking glass

The man who’s been
the other me
transcends my
shadows’s poetry
I am a dice / folded into space my boundaries / are populated / by thoughts settling / in clouds dispersed ...
Looking backwards
through the hollows of seashells
through sun stained autumn leaves
through little children’s eyes
there lies as beauty
To be conscious
is to be
naked in the sun
as the screen
telegram to all tea-fiends. stop. the gates are now wide open. stop. download as much as you can. stop. tell ya friends!
to take a time out | stop what you are doing | point your coordinates to and take the relaxation highway