CoverLights On Us: Kabbalistic Songs of Unity by the World Kli is a brand-new compilation of original songs composed by our friends from all over the world. The CD was just sent to press and will be available for purchase at the UK congress in Blackpool, the St.Louis retreat, the Miami Bookfair, the upcoming congress in Brazil, the International Congress in Israel (February 2009), or can be ordered from Meanwhile, we would like to offer you a chance to hear all of the songs, in their entirety, in mp3 format — they are just a click away:

1. Seth Breitman - Something Better.mp3
2. Andre Klein - Inside.mp3
3. Jack Bendahan & Dima Graziani - Yashar Kel.mp3
4. Jesse Hammak - Jacob’s Ladder.mp3
5. Alyshun - Now & Forever.mp3
6. Jack Bendahan - Living In Unity.mp3
7. Draven Grey - Smoke Box & Mirros.mp3
8. Seth Breitman - In A System.mp3
9. Tony Kosinec - One Kli.mp3
10. Charlie Wood - The Intention.mp3

Also, we would like to mention the CD sleeve artwork, that features the inspiring drawings of friends from the International Congress in Israel last February, courtesy of Ariel Cotton. Click the pictures on the left to see them in full size.



Track List