RT @teedubya: very true @AlexisNeely .we are spiritual beings that are having a/another human experience. Crazy to think about, but so true
NET:It will bring about the extinction of the nationstate as we know it..I think it will be as big a deal as the creation of cities.W.Gibson
RT @SilwerSurfer: @mspro :#so. feierabend. vorschläge? , - den lieben Gott ´n netten alten Mann sein lassen...
RT @mtirel: "The universal currency wars are coming. It’s going to be interesting to watch." by Lisa Rutherford http://tr.im/mXlw #OpenMoney
the grammar seemed a bit askew...well...the point is: stop worrying & enjoy your life!
i wish more people who aren't yet twittering would begin, and less people who are already doing it would stop to billboardbombard 24/7 #grrr
@RavoxX Das ist schön. die rüstigen Mitbürger ;)
RT & thanx @therealjosh: The Astounding World of the Future http://is.gd/KG70
RT @lightafire: "Sooner or later we all quote our mothers." ~~ Bern Williams http://cli.gs/Hat73g
@the_gman nice one ;)
karneval der kulturen wirkt im vergleich zum köllsche karnival sehr zugeknöpft...naja, sonne & bier wird da schon helfen :)
is chillin' @ http://dogglounge.com/ ♫ ~
@TheMeaningofTea: When water is ladled from the depths of Mind-whose bottom is beyond measure-then we really have what is called TeaCeremony
@starlingpoet thanks for the love
RT @CobwebsStir: It's a box 'o koan. :-p
RT @starlingpoet: RT @esoterismo♥ "Words are alive; cut them and they bleed." ~Emerson
@jcollint thank you :)
tribal this! ;) http://ow.ly/9VJJ
@pembteaco thanx for the "County Tea response guidelines" - and oh yeah. rather good teas y' have :)
Polar Opposites http://ow.ly/9Iut
RT @To_The_Moon: Just taking lunch. Think i'll take it on Earth, while the weather's nice :o) Be back soon, Comrades!
RT @twihaiku: an old horse / speaks russian / in my dream @erboyehaiku
@flawnt thanks for having a tea with us :)
Yesterday http://ow.ly/9IwC
The Perfect Vehicle http://ow.ly/9Iwa
Betrayal http://ow.ly/9Ivk
Body & Breath http://ow.ly/9ItZ
Let Your Treatise Fly http://ow.ly/9It5
RT @onlykidsyndrome: Some days when I log in to Twitter, I feel like I'm in a never-ending infomercial.
RT @shannonseek: My grammar is hysterical today. Side of effect of a little bumpy brain / body integration!
♫ great new rock act from berlin: http://ping.fm/w2ckY
RT @flawnt: put my pinky in hot hot soup and pulled it out too late. ouch.
RT @sycfuk: gween tea tiiime !!! mmm hmmmm
RT @pembteaco: Just enjoying a pembrokeshire rose tea
bundestag spricht von "internet-mauern". soso. http://ow.ly/9onv
Support a Starving Poet: Follow @thepoetweets ! #introspection
"Sexually frustrated single parent finds ways to "monetize" her offspring in the showbiz." #shortstory http://ow.ly/9o6I
RT @williger: RT @Armano: New visual: Relationship Loop http://twurl.nl/tkyr4l
@Andreaprilward sure ting. great quote!
You Are A Terrorist #zensursula #english http://ow.ly/9g8f
RT @Andreaprilward: The past exists, only to come back in the future, to bite you in the butt.
Meningitis girl in coma wakes up singing Abba's Mamma Mia http://ow.ly/9fkh #headlines
@frank93 prost !
messing around with this live-visitor widget is a lot of fun. I see y'all shuffling in' & out like happy poker cards. =) http://ow.ly/98KY
RT @tristessedeluxe: Hach, endlich mal wieder einen A-Record einrichten. Jetzt fließt mein Befehl durch alle DNS-Server. Ich bin Gott!!!11
@no_ware_land a big thank you to the oblong mercury cell =D
http://ow.ly/94je #divine charade
RT @antjeschrupp:im Forum bzw-weiterdenken einen neuen Artikel von Dorothee Markert zum #Grundeinkommen gepostet: http://ping.fm/o92X6
RT @timpritlove: Nette Twitter-Follower-Visualisierung http://ping.fm/2E9ku #style #networking
neues video von der OberBaum Bridge http://ow.ly/94dQ #east/west #berlin
RT @book_mom: Sticks and stones can break your bones but words cause permanent damage!
RT @Kirchberg »I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.« - Douglas Adams #towelday
@ninjen beatific. thank you
thanx a lot @PryncessPoetiq and Dovelish_Kay for your appreciation. biglove! and btw: there's a lot more on http://ping.fm/TG6sr
just wrote a short review about "Thinner" http://ping.fm/mypS5
thanx thomas!!! RT @thomasraukamp: #ccmusic :: http://ping.fm/D1N4S for this day is finally up and running. Enjoy #free #mp3
Note To Self. Must Follow @NoteRobot :D
this was #solliloquie sunday, friends. hope ya liked it. stay tuned for more next week / last one: Body & Breath http://ow.ly/8WDM #poetry
this was #solliloquie sunday, friends. hope ya liked it. stay tuned for more next week / last one: Body & Breath http://ow.ly/8Y0q #poetry
Body & Breath http://ow.ly/8WDM #poetry
Let Your Treatise Fly http://ow.ly/8WDI #poetry
I Am an Infant http://ow.ly/8WDG #poetry
Note to Self http://ow.ly/8WDE #poetry
Love Number One http://ow.ly/8WD4 #poetry
I Am a Dice http://ow.ly/8WCZ poetry
To be Conscious http://ow.ly/8WCe poetry
Waking Up http://ow.ly/8WC9 #poetry
Faszination Bewusstsein - Das menschliche Denken http://ow.ly/8XaT #doku
Letting Go http://ow.ly/8Wqz #poetry
To Jack Kerouac http://ow.ly/8Wnt #poetry
Diz Dharma http://ow.ly/8Wjw #poetry
A Divine Charade http://ow.ly/8Wj4 #poetry
The Navel of the World http://ow.ly/8Wip #poetry
Looking Backwards http://ow.ly/8WhU #poetry
She http://ow.ly/8WGV #poetry
Me, Myself and I http://ow.ly/8Wct #poetry
This Dream http://ow.ly/8Wc3 #poetry
This Separation http://ow.ly/8WcA #poetry
Deep Sleep Surfing on a Delta Wave http://ow.ly/8Wal #poetry
Today We'll Be Bringing You a Fine Selection of Metaphysical Poetry all through the Night/Day #soliloquie sunday
On the Tip of my Tongue http://ow.ly/8Wai #poetry
The Waiting Room http://ow.ly/8Wae #poetry
How not to Deal with your Frustration over a Broken Relationship http://ow.ly/8UMQ
RT @TwitRadiator Law of Attraction or just poetic justice? A spammer I just blocked was being followed only by other spammers! :-)
added some nice new fading menu to da Reading Corner http://ow.ly/8Unp
"Erst anmelden, dann Kaffee trinken!" - Polizei löst Gespräch von Studenten auf, die in Kreuzberg Bildung diskutieren. http://ow.ly/8Uer
RT @heiseonline: Microsoft sperrt IM-Nutzer in US-Embargostaaten aus http://snurl.com/io9k6
10.000 Children abused sexually, physically & emotionally by staff of catholic church Ireland. 2.600 page report, dublin http://ow.ly/8U0a
thanx via @derfreitag: "Ein Schützenfest für die Verfassung."http://is.gd/CVkG #journalismus
@blippo wish we could give you more than 3 props a day :D
RT @presseschauer: http://bit.ly/17d9Yn was tatsächlich geschah als google ausfiel.
RT @TankedCAM: Good morning. This is the TankedCAM aquarium. We're firing up the main tanklight and ready 4 some breakfast http://ow.ly/8SY6
RT @heiseonline: Interview-Archiv deutscher Zeitzeugen kommt ins Internet http://snurl.com/io2uk
Time to Wipe the Dust off the Self, Upgrade the Soul into Hyperspace and Plug the Mind into the Great Oversoul: http://ow.ly/8SKw #inquiry
RT @michellesheiman: Some haikus just suck //
You can’t always hit home runs //
Try painting instead //
#senryu #haiku #twitterhaiku 
What Self-Esteem Is and Is Not http://ow.ly/8Oby #motivation #psychology #lifequality
^ http://ow.ly/8Nqz
thanx for reposting @skashliwal
immer wieder gut. vor allem jetzt zur Zeiten der #Krise #Rezession #Wiewardasnochmal #Ablenkungsmanöver http://ow.ly/8Npk
we've been there: myspace, facebook, reverbnation. but the cleanest way to publish music is really bandcamp. #cuttochase http://ow.ly/8Nn5
RT @CobwebsStir: Neighbors arging noisily about... Moussaka? Seriously: 'You want some moussaka, b!+c#? You want some?! Step up or step off!
RT @the_gman: 10 Simple Ways to Show Kindness Online http://bit.ly/WK2pz
RT @skashliwal: TWITTER TIP: Ask NOT "What can Twitter do for me?" Ask: "What can I do for my followers on Twitter?" (via @AnnEvanston)
@mspro ja ! es ist ein täglich fest dort. aber schweine? ob das mit mit Mr. Muhammed in Ordnung geht? :D
we've been fooling around with ads for quite some time. conclusio: adsense sucks!. but we're very happy now with adgitze: http://ow.ly/8Lbu
RT: @netzpolitik: #KemperTrautmann geht gegen "Du bist Terrorist" vor: http://bit.ly/9mujT #abmahnung Frechheit! via @oliverg
@no_ware_land hahaha
Oh, ich vermiss die Zeit.... http://ow.ly/8A2H
From Disco to Disco http://ow.ly/8zTS #nieswandt #whirpool
Sahne für Alle: http://ow.ly/8xF5 #capitalism #communism #activism # pranksterism
YouTube - Dj Hell - U can dance (feat. Bryan Ferry) http://ow.ly/8vOw
American Idol to Us is like Fire in a Bus
lab cab in california http://ping.fm/K7jhl
berlin rain / the turkish bar-b-q / techno tent building
Organized religion is
perpetrated by those
who feel the need to
run the lives of others, http://ow.ly/8gjS
RT @pembteaco: RT @teacraftecm Univ of Oxford study - shows regular intake of tea & chocolate improves cognitive performance
@mariobatz we agree :)
Wanna have a smoke in a non-smoke Area? Get yourself an Electronic Cigarette http://ow.ly/88O8 - or make money: sign up. market it!
Official Vatican Facebook Account #WTF http://ow.ly/80YQ
Krieg und Frieden im Online-Feminismus #aktivismus #manipulation #media http://ow.ly/813z
RT @SUSUH Das Gefühlte jetzt mit Zahlen: "Facebook und Twitter leiten Leser auf Nachrichtenseiten" von @HolgerSchmidt http://bit.ly/v7EN9
I am just a Figure Posted in Front of the White Noise http://ping.fm/68DEJ #expedition
Dancing over Digital Shards of the Last Century I am Freed from my Own Meandering Mind http://ping.fm/nQKHt #expedition
Take a Moment's Breath and I'll open the World to you from a Cup of Tea: http://ping.fm/tpFhX #expedition
View Original Photographs of the Great Tea Expedition: http://ow.ly/81g4 #humor #virtual
Watch full-length Episode of our 2006 TV Program online: http://ow.ly/80Us #stream #psychedelic #poetry #interviews #more2come
@Fun2Tweet thanx, dude
the beautiful ones / those were the 90ies http://ow.ly/80FZ #retro #androgynous
Report: US promised Jerusalem will be Palestine's capital http://ping.fm/KGszQ / Obama supposed to roll out peace plan on 4th of june @cairo
RT @Fun2Tweet: I Haven't Lost My Mind, It's Backed Up On Disk Somewhere.
RT @dMnyc: I just got the captcha "reassume stabbing". Hmm...
Let Go of Attachments: Embrace the Future http://ow.ly/7Mkf
Timmy the tortoise fitted with fibre-glass 'crash helmet' to protect hole in his shell http://ow.ly/7M7I #gadgets #animals
@To_The_Moon haha. infan(tea)site :)
@einsofb nice collection
RT @derfreitag: RT @caschy Du Bist Deutschland war gestern! http://is.gd/Bgn2 #video #terror #zensursula
Rabbi Shlomo In Concert http://ow.ly/7FKB
RT @admiralhbird: and now the Joker changes his disguise & tries to blend n. doesn't want 2b noticed. accept to make new friends.
the prophet is a fool http://ow.ly/7DhW
Me: expiry date unsure but certain / #fashion http://ow.ly/7D4v
life is a crappy game, but the graphics are awesome http://ow.ly/7D33 #fashion
RT @derfreitag: Von aktiven Minderheiten und vermeintlichen passiven Mehrheiten http://is.gd/AKxJ #zensursula (via @jacobfricke ) bravo !!!
finally some good news: Cigarette smoke can prevent allergies http://ow.ly/7xnW #immunisation
Dolphins seen trying to kill calf http://ow.ly/7xji #infanticide
Real world laws intrude on virtual world behavior http://ow.ly/7x7x #reality #virtual
"Your sleepiness is stronger than fear. A wilderness of your beauty dozes off, and a moon out of your shadows wakes to guard its trees" ~MD
Conference about the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish in Bethlehem http://ow.ly/7x6F #middleeast
Are the days of Records-Sales Over yet? RT @royantebi: RT @andmel: Free new coldplay album http://ow.ly/7xAO
@baztittenhurst very nice. thank you
@Moonpoppy always. bring it on :D
RT @ambienteer: Just for fun... what was once a ‘fairytale’ is now a sparse soundscape - http://bit.ly/SVwP7 - #ambient #eurovision #mp3
mind + body = mody #newspeech
how nice that we can get rid so easily of MLMs & marketing skams, fronting as "inspired quotes"....unfollow does the trick :)
remember those good ol' POLAROID days? Take a Shot. Shaky, Shaky...Tag the Paper! Poladroid offers a nice reminiscence http://ow.ly/7wUu
Malawi: Elections 2009 - Campaign Goes SMS http://ow.ly/7wNp #democracy #2.0
everybody check out POLADROID ~ the easiest and funniest polaroid maker

In the middle of the desert let your eyes drift skyways, we come over highways - erase the day ~
Is it a boy or a girl? Er...It's a Hedgehog ;) http://ping.fm/5f8Cm #homezoo
I wonder why most people download the chillout albums from our new page.... Is the need to take a time out bigger than the rest? #relax
RT @plockhead: gnadenlos grossartig: trent reznor�s antwort auf apple�s ablehnung des NIN App-Updates http://ping.fm/YRGKC
good morning twitterverse
welcome to our new homepage: http://ping.fm/Kjp7a
RT @mastersoftrivia: The number of people alive on earth right now is higher than the number of all the people that have died. Ever.
thanx to all the twitterers posting from kreuzberg yesterday. it's interesting times we're living in and even more interesting connections
RT @_vhd_: http://ping.fm/m3wRo - wiener stra�e, alles tanzt #Myfest #kreuzberg
and the helicoptorous Guardian Angels keep on circling... #kreuzberg
reports say, today both groups of police and demonstrators amounted to ca. 5000 people in kreuzberg. 1:1 or not enough security?
1. Mai Live-Ticker: http://ping.fm/CEWWX
the temperature camera shows a big white spot. It is a burning barricade which radicals have built out of security fences and set on fire
In Kreuzberg most people are partying peacefully, others set fire, throw trash cans at police. The Crickets are Humming. Helicopters Circle
reclaim the streets #myfest
Trending Topics: Swineflu. Is Twitter going Tabloid? ~
watching #baraka