Rabbi Zalman and Ken Wilber - God in the 21st Century. Part 1. If God Is Not Great, Which God Are You Talking About? [MP3]
Does the fact that Moses didn't literally part the Red Sea mean that all spiritual and religious concerns are null, void, and illusory? This seems to be what a growing chorus of voices is saying. Two of today's most accomplished "wise men" discuss the current atmosphere of attack on all things spiritual, and how a more compassionate and integral spirituality could change the tone of this crucial conversation.

Rabbi Zalman and Ken Wilber - Sex, Drugs and the Rock of Ages [MP3]

An Integral Approach to Judaism [MP3]
Rabbi David Ingber and Ken Wilber explore the implications of taking an Integral approach to Judaism, one which promises to include all the important insights of previous approaches, without ever privileging one perspective or interpretation of this ancient religion to the exclusion of the others. They then go on to discuss an impossibly painful chapter of human history, during which the unimaginable suffering European Jews endured was eclipsed only by the immeasurable wealth of knowledge, tradition, and insight that was forever lost to the Holocaust….