"I started Early" by Emily Dickinson: http://bit.ly/b3yt4C
Learnin Languages is not always easy, it's no secret - but we can have a lot of fun at the same time
yes, we're maybe a bit different than other online language learning schools ;9
thank you Dmitry
get to know LearnOutLive, find teachers, friends & have fun learning together :)
i am glad you noticed
about 7-8 people
hello antonio
Hello everyone :)
Notes from the Delivery Room, A Short History of Judaic Thought in the 20th Century, Something about the Trees .. http://bit.ly/98kj68
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Rainer Maria Rilke - The First Elegy (part 1): http://bit.ly/cw7fNy
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Joyce Kilmer "Trees" Poem Animation: http://bit.ly/7QtIOO
Good Poems - To Be of Use by Marge Piercy: http://bit.ly/6Ky66T
Jim Carroll (and Charles Bukowski): from the film Poetry In Motion. http://bit.ly/6GJtf6
The World Is Too Much With Us - William Wordsworth: http://bit.ly/7mTzOX
James Whitcomb Riley."The raggedy man" Poem Animation Movie: http://bit.ly/4Tct7n
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Sylvia Plath Reads 'Daddy': The poem is read by Sylvia herself. http://bit.ly/6R9ZNA
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