tangled again
in the jungle
of coloured intentions
I'm drawn by the right
line also known as
my humble twin
cleaning plates
of left desires
isolated acts towards
- nothing
towards you
- in vain

we flail like doves
in the great suction drive
of a giant machine

the jurisdiction
of this asphyxiation
enfolding like stigma
on the screens of creation
I see but rain
on the windmills of Egypt and Spain
and you smile
the skies are scraped
by grey streaks of lust
towards what?
towards you
- in vain

And I walk past
the shores of rhytmn and rhyme
I climb down rabbitholes of time
slashing grapes from the dusk like a dog
the rim of a glass to the lips of my face
I drink and I swell
I swear and I sweat
making bets with myself

the only devil
in all direction

for I can never be full
never be full
never be through with the fact
that my love be broken
that my love be unbroken

- unless
- unless

beneath the crypt
the bones speak out
and I align again
by being realigned
with the lifelines
of your cousins and future sons
the night goes and the light comes
In numbness I snored for years on the run
a solemn tone befalls my tongue
and I fear all I speak
plays down what you hate

but there are not just sirens singing you to shipwreck
but worlds upon worlds between heaven and hell

so satisfaction
skips the line
to be unending
all the time

Keep Fallin' Hot Chip lyrics

Artist: Hot Chip
Album: Coming On Strong
Year: 2005
Title: Keep Fallin'

Nothin's new forever, can't you see I'm just a sucker? I'm like Stevie Wonder, but I can see things

Me and Ulysses, we like Gene and Dean Ween
We're like brothers making records who can't play things

When the prog hits ya, if you're feeling proggy
Let it get ya in the places most others can't reach you

Cause nothin's new forever - all they suckers undercover - It's like only Stevie Wonder sees the same things

I'm a rollin' a rock up a steep-steep hill
When I reach the it comes right back down

I meet Sisyphus when I hit the top
And we stroll back down together slowly

Then we rock on up to the highest top
Me and Ulysses we make the music

When we're feelin hot 'til where ten feet tall
Y'know you're gonna hear us callin', callin'

Give up all you suckers we the tightest muthafuckas And you never seen us talking shit before now

You peelin' potatoes while we sonic alligators
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Makin' records sellin' like we smokin' crack now

'Joe' -'what now'?
'We bad.' -'Bad how'?
'We make a track to shake a cow
and move you like you startin something nasty?

'And then' -What then?
'We do it again, don?t make no money for us to spend
on yachts and boats and planes and drugs and scooters? (thanks wella )

I, I, I?
I, I, I?
I, I, I?
Keep fallin? Keep fallin? (bis x2)

Told me lately that you have been staring in the mirror - Don't you know that even Stevie Wonder sees things?

You told me that you love a pretty one with ebony eyes - Don't you know that even Stevie Wonder sees things?

Lately I've been staring in the mirror - Don't you ever wonder how the hell does Stevie Wonder see things?

Lately I've been staring in the mirror - Don't you ever wonder how the hell does Stevie Wonder see things?